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Fruit Trees
Granny Smith Apple 
Planted bare root 1/2011. I removed the flowers to let it grow the first year. Last year it had about a dozen apples that were stolen by an animal before they were ripe. 
Pink Lady Apple 
Planted Bare Root 7/2010. I got about 10 apples in 2011, 12 in 2013 and over 50 in 2013. 
Honey Crisp Apple 
Planted bare root 1/2013. No pictures yet, it's pretty much a stick in the ground. 
Cot-N-Candy Aprium 
Planted from container 6/2009. It grew about 10 fruit last year which were small but tasted great. I had to net it to protect the fruit. 
Lapins Cherry 
Planted bare root 1/2012. It grow a little but not a lot. 
Royal Rainier Cherry 
Planted bare root 5/2011. It did awesome in 2012 with about 65 sweet delicious cherries. In 2013 it gave nothing. 
Stella Cherry 
Planted from container 6/2009.It is the oldest and largest cherry but has only had a few cherries each year so far. 
Pakistan Mullberry 
Planted Bare Root in 2013. It looks like it will be loaded with berries this year. 
4 in One Asian Pear 
Planted bare root 1/2011. The four grafts were planted N, E, S, W so they can be identified by their location on the tree. N - Shinseiki, S - 20th Century, E - Hosui, W - Chojuro. I got one Hosui which was great and it had four 20th Century but they started too late. 
5 in 1 Fruit Salad 

Planted 2/1/2014 bare root. July Alberta Peach, Fantasia Nectarine, Blenheim Apricot, Santa Rosa Plum, Babcock Peach. It's in the ground and about to bloom on three grafts.

Dapple Dandy Pluot 

Planted 8/2009 from container. It did pretty well last year with about 30 fruits. I enjoyed the ones that the birds didn't get to.

Planted in a container. It was a gift so I don't know the origin. It was replanted in a larger pot last year and it grew 3x in height. It did pretty well last year with about 15 fruits. 
Manzanillo Olive 
3/19/2014 In a larger container. I wanted a larger one for the side hill at the front of the yard. 
Arbosana Olive 
3/19/2014 in a small container. I planted it on a side hill.