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Holiday lights
I have been hooked on setting up holiday lights. Between nice Christmas setups and our upcoming anniversary I am investing time to work on the latest in lighting technology. They are known as RGB pixels. Each light can be controlled for any color.

My setup will evolve as the lights do.

Really Big Pixel Lights

LED / Pixel Lights
2600 Pixels - 12v 12mm bullets RGB
900 Pixels -  5V 12mm bullets RGB
900 Pixels- 5V LED strips 3m
3000 LEDs - 5v LED strips (Dumb Pixels Strips)
4 - 12W Cree LED DMX controlled motion lights
60 - 3 LED 12V RGB modules for 50 GE large sidewalk bulbs
  20 - 9 LED 12V RGB modules for 20 Big Christmas Lights 
Controller Cards
  2 - AlphaPix 16V2 - Bios 2.8 from Holiday Coro
1 - 27 Ch DMX controller from Holiday Coro
Power Supplies 
  4 - 12V 30A 360W 
  3 - 5V 70A 350W 
  1 - 5V 10A 50W 
  1 12V 12A 60W 
 Other Equipment
  1200L 1080P in LED Projector 
5 Pelican cases
FM Transmitter
Big Christmas Lights
Mega Grid 600 pixel for Anniversary Party March 2016
Test of Mega Tree 800 Pixels and six snowflakes 600 pixels December 2016
Tree is 10 feet tall, snowflakes are 24" each.

XLights View. Software to controll the pixels.I plan on adding a star later.

This is what a sequence looks like in xlights after a few hours. This is Let it Go - from Frozen.

Controller card in Pellican case with power supply. Wired with 2 pin connectors for power and 4 pin connectors for data. I have two of these.

100 pixel snowflakes. I have 6 of them, wiring them up was fun.

Video rear projected to the corner windows of a front facing room.

The wife's inside display is pretty nice as well.

Testing the mega tree.

I did so much soldering on this project I completely melted the tip of the iron.