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Home Improvement - Walk in Closet

Our walk in closet is not that large and the best was not made of the space provided so last weekend I pulled out all the clothes and ripped out the shelving that was in it and started over. The first thing I did was to remove the one off center light bulb and replaced it with a fluorescent fixture running T-8 daylight bulbs. I centered it to the closet. Then I started patching the hole it left and any others. I re-textured the walls then my wife helped me to repainted it.

I started by building a 18" wide 16" deep 5 tiered shelf and two 7 1/2" wide shoe racks with adjustable shelves. Once in place I started wrapping the closet with two levels of hangars and some additional shelving on top. It is about 80% done now. One I cut the last few pieces I will pull it all down to put a coat of polyurethane  on all the wood.

Today I finished up the woodwork and since I had enough extra wood I replaced a couple pieces I wasn't satisfied with. then I pulled it all down and took it into the garage to clean up the edges and cover them all in Minwax Satin poly. I also filled any hole left by the original pine and ran the paint roller a few more times to touch up any smudge marks.