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Home Improvement - Power Backup

New plan. With all the power outages California (especially my area) has had this year I have been contiplating a whole house system.

The last straw was this week when they shut off the poser at 5:30am on a work day. I nornally get up at 8:00am.

This caused my three battery backups to start beeping and wake me up. I then had to drag out and setup the portable generator.

I had been lookiong into this for the last couple of months and ordered a generator that could handle my whole house including

the HVAC and the SPA.

Cummins RS20AC 20KV Dual Natural gas and propane with 200amp auto switch.

It is only 65 DB when running. It is also electronics safe. It can auto test itself for low maintenance.

I will update this when I recieve it and have the gas and electical hooked up.

Westinghouse Igen4500DF

4500 watts max Gas or Propane

Switch Panel

Generator Storage Shed

Lifetime shed

Second larger shed going next to it.

Lifetime 8 x 15 6004

First the old shed was removed along with the contents and other stuff piled in that corner of the yard.

Then a new slab was poured.

A few days later and most of the junk gone.