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Home Improvement - Sprinklers

The rear bank of sprinkler vavles started leaking right before the shutoff valve and the gardenersw wanted $700 to fix it and add two valves up front.

I decided to tackle it myself.

When we had out front yard redone I added a main shutoff valve and a pressure reducer. I laso bought a large cover.

Well, someone wasn't paying attention that day. Luckily with a little cutting and digging (not by me) it is reachable. This way you don't have to shut of water to the whole house.

It wqas leaking in a couple of places but mostly on the far left where the coupler is. This also allowed me to continue to the front yard.

Looks like a pro did this.

Up front I added two more valves. One for the front and one for the back hill.

Unintended sprinklers were found when switching on the water. I had to dige deep in mud and tree roots to cut them and cap them off.