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Live Edge River Table

I started with a nice chunk of live edge Walnut 2" thick.

The table will be approximately 46 x 23"

It finally cooled down enough to start this project. I started by deciding where to cut the slab and flip it to have the strait cuts on the outside
and keep the bark in the center. I also flipped one side to make a continuous look.

I still had one spot where it was strait cut so the bark was removed. I cut the bark of the scrap piece and glued it in the spot to add bark there and make it look more natural.

Next I will have to plane down both pieces to get rid of the rough cuts on the top and bottoms of each side then belt sand all sides to square them up better.

This is the river that will be filled with a transparent blue tinted epoxy resin.

I spent the next day runining each side many times thru the planer. They went from 2 1/2" down to 2 1/4 to get them nice and clean. Then I spent an hour with 60 grit and a belt sander cleaning up all the sides. When that was done I rounded the edges with a router.

I was worried about losing more bark so I mixed up 10 oz of epoxy resin and painted it into all the pits and holes in the bark. This should toughen it up and help to minimize air bubbles when the river is poured.

I still have some light sanding to do next.

for the table legs. 2" x 16" x 35"



Design for the table legs.

I ended up using a thicker 1 1/4" live edge board to make the brackets to hold the legs. They were cut out with the CNC.

Then I used 3/8" dowels and a lot of glue and clamps.

Once it dried it was time for some epoxy/resin. I made one batch darker than the other andpoured them from oposite sides. Then they were mixed a little to make a current.

Layer one of many. 24 hours per layer.

Using a torche to remove the bubbles.