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Home Improvement - Ceramic Tile

Even though the house isn't that old, the previous owners had small children and a dog so the carpet was beyond repair. I decided to install tile in the heavy traffic areas.

This is how the dining room looked before I ripped out the carpet. I decided to install tile in the entry, hallways, bathrooms, kitchen and the Master bedroom entry.

The Tile Saw. MK 380
7" Diamond tipped blade. Bought online.

The first thing I did was remove the half wall that was nothing but a junk collector. I relocated the electric box to the location shown. This made it easier to install the tile.

My dad and brother helping me get started. I tried different patterns and decided on a running bond. Thanks dad for suggesting it.

The room looks much larger now that the wall has been removed. 

The front entry once the tile was finished. Next job is paint and molding. 

The hallway towards the garage. Bedrooms on each side as well as the Master bedroom and living room will be re-carpeted. 

Another shot of the dining room after light gray paint and molding have been installed.

The kitchen is much nicer tiled than the linoleum before.