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Sterling Engine model
A Sterling Engine uses heat (in this case from an alchol candle) to displace the piston. The other side of the cylinder is cold causing the air to cool and returning the piston. This happens at a rapid rate and makes an interesting type of engine. These were used in the late 1800s for many uses around the house before electricity was common like Sterling powered house fans.
Hit and miss engine model
A Hit and miss engine is a very efficient four stroke motor that only fired when needed. They were used from the early 1800s until the mid 1900s. They are still used today in many rural areas. I first witnessed one when hunting in central California. It was used to pump water to the surface to fill a water trough for cows. It will fire then coast until the flywheels slow enough to need it to fire again. It makes a nice Poo - Shh - Shh - Shh - Poo - Shh - Shh - Shh sound. This model can run off of gasoline, lighter fuel, Coleman fuel or others.