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Sterling Engine model
A Sterling Engine uses heat (in this case from an alchol candle) to displace the piston. The other side of the cylinder is cold causing the air to cool and returning the piston. This happens at a rapid rate and makes an interesting type of engine. These were used in the late 1800s for many uses around the house before electricity was common like Sterling powered house fans.
Toyan FS-100a 4 stroke motor
A real working scale engine. It runs on Nitro-Methane.
Hit-and-miss gas engine

These were hard to get and pretty expensive at first. I finally ordered one when the price dropped below $200.

The order was never shipped and it is in dispute with Aliexpress, I ordered a different on that is better but slightly more expensive 2021 model.
3D Printer 4Runner RC offroader
Mini Me 4Runner
3D Printer Saturn V  
RC 1/10 Scale Rock Crawlers
The new toys
RC 1:14 scale Excavator
RC Helicopters
Older RC from 2010-2011.
RC Mavic 2 Pro

Tools for toys