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Cooking Photos


Two very large Tri-Tip steaks

One marinated 24 hrs in red wine, worshy sauce, onions and garlic. The other with a dry rub.

Two Red Oak sticks and a bunch of Hickory chunks.

The reverse view.

Both ended in a perfect medium rare.

Even the leftovers were good.

Grass Fed Rump Roast

Filet Minion and corn

Blueberry Waffles, bacon, eggs and orange

Instapot stew

Chicken Fajitas

Cinnomon bun waffles

Smoking more ribs for the landscapers working on my yard.

Did them wet this time, much better.

Smoking for Christmas 2018

3 racks of pork ribs, Eastern Salmon, Steelhead Trout.

Fish will go in later, cutting to fit racks.

8/18/18 Baby back ribs

We had a block party tonight.

After 12 hours of marinating in a dry rub I put them in the smoker with pecan chips.

3 1/2 hours later they were foiled with brown sugar, butter and chipotle pepper.

1 hour later back on the grill brushed with Hawaiian BBQ sauce, apple juice and lime juice.

At 6 1/2 hours I put them on the pit with Red Oak chips to finish them off.

I have never gotten so many good compliments on my food.


T-Bone steak

Surf and Turf

Ribeye Roast

3 hours later


Tuna Melt


Tritip, corn and potato

Grass fed beef burgers and herb incrusted waffle frys.

4 Lbs of chicken bites marinating

1/2 chicken bites cooked

Celantro Dipping Sauce for the Chicken Bits

BLT Plus

The Feast - Island Style


BBQ Chickens

Peruvian Citrus Chicken - Slow cooked spicy Pork and Beans - Green dipping sauce

Smoked Leg of Lamb

Smoked Bacon Bomb

Smoked Tritip

BBQ Chicken

Spicy Noodles

King Tacos