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Outdoor Cooking
Current Setups:
Santa Maria Wood Grill
Convienience: 5 Cook Time: 5 Quality: 10 Best for When taste is the most important thing.
Comercial size Santa Maria/Argentia style pit BBQ
The ultimate way to cook meat is over an open wood fire with grates that can adjustto the hight of the flames. The Santa Maria grill or Argentine grill is something I have wanted for years. It's 260 Lbs of steel surrounded on the inside with heat bricks to help retain the heat for a long time. It is permently installed on a flagstone stand and is the predominant cooker. You can use any wood but it prodominately is Coastal Red Oak. I add Mesquite, Cherry, Apple, Hickory or others depending on what I'm cooking.
Charbroil Electric Smoker

Convienience: 8 Cook Time: 3 Quality: 10 Best for Slow and low.
30" Deluxe Electric Smoker with a stand and cover
Weber Propane Grill
Convienience: 10 Cook Time: 10 Quality: 3 Best for When you want fast but don't care about quality.
Propane two burner grill
My wife wanted a quick and easy way to cook outdoors but found my equipment way too complicated. I said sure thing, you just pick what you want and I will set it up.
The Smoking Gun
Convienience: 10 Cook Time: 10 Quality: 5 Best for Adding smoke as an afterthought.
Electric Smoke Injector
Details This is a great way to inject the smoke flavor without the time it takes toactually smoke the meat.
No Longer owned but well used:
Wood BBQ
Wood BBQ

Convienience: X Cook Time: X Quality: X Best for X
Santa Maria Wood grill: My bestie until the one on top.
Details This is by far my most used outdoor cooking appliance. I usually cook with red oak. It has two seperate sides so you can cook different meats and adjust each side up and down on it's own. the grill is stationary but you can raise and lower the wood or charcoal to adjust the heat.
Convienience: X Cook Time: X Quality: X Best for X
Propane Smoker
Details Beef jerky, smoked Tri-tip, ribs, lamb and more. If you have the time low and slow will make anything taste amazing. This smokeer uses propane to keep the temp constant and has a cat iron skillet to hold the wood chips.
Propane Grill
Propane Grill
Convienience: X Cook Time: X Quality: X Best for X
Propane grill
Details This is good for when you are in a hurry or just don't care like hot dog night.
Big Easy IR cooker
Big Easy
Convienience: X Cook Time: X Quality: X Best for X
Propane IR fryer
Details This is a way to cook a turkey fast without the cost of oil. It uses propane but does it in a way to cook it with infra red heat.