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Home Improvement

Misc Tools
Harbor Freight Buys  
Back Yard Koi Pond Build

Getting closer to completion.
Water Filtration
We have extremely hard water and water softeners have been banned. I setup a salt free water conditioner witha UV water filter.
Garden Shed
I finally got my 8 x 15' shed setup.
Water Vortex Fountain
Part one is finished and working.
Live Edge Dining Table 2018

On hold for now.
Live Edge Coffee Table 2018

I will attempt to build a black walnut live edge coffee table with a center river using a clear blue epoxy resen center. I will then coat the whole table top in clear resen.
HVAC Replacement 2018
Our 24 Year old Air Condioning system was weak to begin with. Now was the time to replace it while the temps are low and so is the cost to replace it.
Water Heater valve replacement
It works again.
Power Backup
The power has been shut off many times this year due to high winds.
Security System 2018

I just ordered a new 4K camera system to replace my current system.
Backyard Spa
Hudson Bay 6 person spa.We have had it for 5 years now and the motor went bad. Luckily it was a fairly easy replacement.
Front Yard 2018

After the back yard we had to make the front yard match.
Back Yard 2017

Best investment ever. We enjoy it every day.
Home Office
Living Room
My wife hated the carpet.
Master Bedroom and bath

This is in progress. It should be completed soon.
Shiplap Walls 2017
My wife wanted the cabin feel. I gave it to her.
One of the first upgrades
Ceramic Tile
Tile Install
The first upgrade. Dad and my brother helped.
Yana approves of the new carpet
Bali Blinds
Bali Blinds
These made a big difference over drapes.
More eficient use of space
New appliences
Upped our bathrooms to another level.
Watching it get better over the years
Making more space in the garage.
Random Pics
Out Door Spa  
LED Lights